Education is one of the most important things in life and learning from practical aspects let you upgrade in your career as well.Learning form practical things  is a way to learn, understand and grow as a person. We SEGATARINERS also helps you become more productive and better at your jobs. 

Practical implementation of concepts is the most effective tool for learning. While classroom learning may give them an opportunity to apply their learning on hypothetical situations, an educational tour, on the other hand, makes students face real-life problems. Coming up with solutions makes them innovative thinkers. When learning is accompanied by fun, excitement, and enjoyment, it stops being burdensome and boring, and students learn as a part of their natural growing up process.

This is educational tour helps students by providing them with a unique opportunity to learn about the field of education. It also provides students with an introduction into what it is like to work in the field of finance and how they can get involved in it. 
We conducted a industrial visit for our students in Nakshtra  Financial Consultant pvt Ltd. to let them know about:-
*How it work in real world. 
*How to recognize a best fund for yourself. 
*Why it is better than other investment criteria
*Mutual Funds V/s Fix deposite
* Is it Risky to invest in Mutual Funds 
Basically all about Mutual Funds. 
And a direct meeting with     
M. D & CEO, of Nakshtra  financial consultant pvt Ltd. Mr. CHANDAN SINGH helps students to discuss and clear all doubts and queries regarding MUTUAL FUNDS.