Realizing the fact that lack of awareness regarding skills and and training has left innumerable emotions displaced and disconnected. SEGA has set forth a bridge to this gap and zealously contributing towards the skills enrichment and empowerment of the society by providing life skills training to kids, collegiate, housewives, professionals and even to seniors on Personality Development, Financial Market and IT.

SEGA (skill and employability generation academy) is an Institute of life skills training programs that are sought to develop your skills and efficiencies through its robust framework of Workshops, Seminars, orientations and classroom training. We highly emphasize on train to skill and skill to empower ideology. SEGA’s life skill workshops and training programs are precisely designed as per the learners group to meet their future goals and needs.

Our Initiative

In the era of Skills Revolution when new roles are emerging as fast as others becoming obsolete, employers realize that what you are likely to learn and develop is becoming more important than what you have studied in your classroom. Companies are beginning to tackle talent shortages by hiring up-skilled workforce for their growth.
 We SEGA act as a bridge to create such up-skills with our practical training and workshops sessions.

Our Vision

SEGA’s major prospect is to benefit young minds, organizations and the community by generating better Life skills ; keeping skill, knowledge and attitude at the center of our concern to shape a robust nation.